Lorenzo is thankful for a good Christmas with his family.
Kristal is thankful for her family.
Celebration of Thanks

We have a lot to be thankful for. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to share with our friends and family how thankful we are.

The second graders put on a Thanksgiving performance for their family members. The students chanted poems and prepared a slideshow of things which they are thankful for.

Step One: Each student wrote about something that he/she is thankful for.

Step Two: Each student created an illustration using Kid Pix to match their writing. The illustrations were exported as jpeg files.

Step Three: Insert the jpeg illustrations into Microsoft PowerPoint along with the student's name.

Step Four: The students practice reciting their part


During the performance, the slide show was displayed on the Smart Board, as each student passed the microphone to narrate his/her slide "live" during the show.

Students are using the Smart Board to insert their Kid Pix illustrations into a PowerPoint slideshow.

Students are working with Inspiration in the computer lab to create a graphic organizer about things A-Z for which they are thankful for.

Student Work Samples

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