Celebration of Thanks 
Student Work Samples

NETS for Students:

1. Basic Operations and Concepts.
Students will use input devices and output devices to successfully operate computers, VCRs, audiotapes and other technologies.

3. Technology Productivity Tools
Students will create developmentally appropriate multimedia products with support from teachers, family members, or student partners.

Each student thought of something that he/she is thankful for. Students used Kid Pix to illustrate their thoughts.

The illustrations were exported as jpeg files and then combined into a PowerPoint slideshow. As the students performed for their families on November 25th, the slides were displayed on the Smart Board.

Click on the link to see the complete Turkey Full of Thanks slideshow in pdf format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this show.

A-Z Thankful Webs

During centers, each student made a list of things from A-Z that he/she is thankful for. They brought their lists to the computer lab to create a web using Inspiration.

The students were very empowered to input their lists. Some students went beyond expectations to change colors and add clipart to their webs.

The webs shown below represent a range of student work.

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