As you can see, I love to integrate technology into my teaching. I am often amazed at what children are capable of understanding. I have worked with first and second graders that are very comfortable taking a risk with technology. Children are not afraid to "click around" to learn about the various buttons and links within a program. Taking a look at technology with an open mind, I have learned many lessons from my young students.

It is interesting to hear my students explain their projects to other adults and children. They speak with confidence and great pride. It is fun to show off their work. I love it when the children begin to "dream up" new projects for us to embrace. Once we start making movies, they would love to make a movie for everything that we do. This is when we discuss the time that it takes to produce our video books and we have to be selective in our productions. We cannot possibly make a movie for everything that we do.

Technology is an empowering tool, for people of all ages. I always tell my students,"The computer is smart, it can do some great things. But, it is controlled by the person sitting in front of it. Using the mouse, you are in control. The computer is only as smart as the person sitting in front of it."

Technology will never replace a good teacher, with a kind heart and caring voice. Computers are a wonderful tool, but only a tool, they will never replace the wonderful teachers that we have working with children.

With patience and proper guidance we are able to produce some pretty amazing things with our technology resources! We should never underestimate the power of a child.