The exhibits featured in my e-portfolio are examples of seamless integration of technology within my first and second grade teaching experiences.

Friend of the Day
This is an interdisciplinary unit which focuses on developing friendships. The content areas are language arts and social studies. I have integrated children's literature along with the "Friend of the Day" interviewing process to create a community of friends within the classroom. The following technology tools are used in this unit: Smart Board, Kidspiration, Inspiration and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Graphing Pockets
The goal for this project is to expose the students to creating their own graph. I have utilized Microsoft Excel and the Smart Board as technology tools. After collecting data on the number of pockets that each student is wearing, we entered the data into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  Using the Smart Board, I was able to model the steps for creating a graph with the chart wizard. The next step was for the students to create their own graph in the computer lab.

The Caterpillar Came to School One Day
The goal for this interdisciplinary unit is for the students to create a class book which will successfully tell the life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly. The curriculum content areas are science and language arts. In this unit I have integrated the following technology tools: digital photography, Microsoft PowerPoint and video editing equipment to create a video-book (Techno-Book). The class observed the metamorphosis of the Monarch Butterfly right before their eyes; I was able to document the experience with digital photographs which are included in the video-book.

Second Graders on the Map
The goal of this social studies project is for the students to explore the concept of perspective mapping. In this project student teacher Julie Bednark and I integrated these technology tools into our lessons: presentation software, the ELMO, the Internet and Kid Pix. In the computer lab, we were able to view the picture books Me on the Map and A Bird's Eye View through the ELMO projection hardware. The students were able to point at specific areas on the page of the text, as it was displayed on the computer screen in front of them. After a shared reading of the books, the students were interested in finding out more about their place on the map. Using Mapquest on the Internet, we were able to locate street maps for individual student addresses. The students used Kid Pix to create a Bird's Eye View representation of their bedroom.

Walk Around Keego Harbor
The goal of this social studies experience is for the students to develop an awareness of the school community along with identifying shapes within our environment. In this project we have integrated digital photography, PowerPoint and the Smart Board as our technology tools. The second graders took a walking field trip through the school neighborhood. The students were looking for shapes as they walked through the community. As the students pointed out shapes, teachers and parents used the digital camera to record photographs. Upon returning to the classroom, the teachers were able to insert the photographs into PowerPoint. The PowerPoint show was later used as a way to revisit and reflect the field trip experience. As the show was played on the Smart Board, students were able to use the Smart Pens to trace around and highlight specific shapes within the photographs.

Digital Picture Books
The goal for this language arts lesson is to encourage the students to use descriptive words as they write captions for photographs. In this project we are using digital photography as our technology tool. Students use mini-prints of digital pictures to enhance booklets that they create at the writing center. Photographs from field trips and classroom experiences are printed out and available for the students to glue into construction paper booklets.