Walk Around Keego

The second graders took a walk around the school neighborhood. Important buildings and businesses were pointed out as we waked along the side streets of Keego Harbor and along Orchard Lake Road.

In an effort to create an awareness of the variety of shapes that make up our community, the students were asked to keep a tally sheet and record shapes as they were spotted throughout the walk.

Upon returning to the classroom, the students totalled their tallies and using construction paper created an illustration of shapes in our community .

Photographs from the walking trip were inserted into a PowerPoint slide show. The students were able to re-visit the experience as they outlined shapes with the Smart Pens on the Smart Board.

Photographs were printed out and added to the writing center during our language arts center time. The students were expected to write captions for the photos that they selected to glue into their mini-photo booklet.

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in our Community

walking around Keego Harbor
student tally sheet
shape project
identifying shapes

Prior to the walking field trip, Ms. Bednark reviews the basic shapes by having some of the students come up to the Smart Board to draw and label shapes which are familiar.

highlighted shapes
highlighted shapes
highlighted shapes highlighted shapes

Photos from our walking field trip were inserted into a PowerPoint show.

The show was displayed on the Smart Board.

The students used the Smart Pens to trace around the shapes that make up our community.

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