Graphing Pockets
Microsoft Excel

The Second Grade Everyday Math program lesson 3.5 has the students counting the number of pockets that they are wearing. Then the lesson suggests to display the data on a class graph. Using the Smart Board, along with Microsoft Excel, we were able to create a very colorful bar graph to display our class data.

The second graders were introduced to Microsoft Excel as we modeled creating a graph of their pocket data. We entered data into the cells: name and number of pockets. This lesson was done in the classroom with the students seated on the carpet.

To follow up with the data collection, the Homelink for that evening was to collect pocket data among family members.

We saved the Homelinks to be used during our next computer lab session. The students were instructed once again step-by-step on entering data and using the chart wizard to create their individual graph.

Click on the mini-movies to witness the students in action.

One of the students was so empowered by this lesson, she went home that evening to create another pocket graph. She e-mailed it to me that very evening! I have to say that I was quite impressed.

Excel Chart Wizard Help Sheet

Student Work Samples

Entering data on the Smart Board Entering data on the Smart Board

Using the Smart Board in the classroom, I was able to demonstrate the steps for constructing a class graph!

Class Pocket Graph on the Smart Board Class Pocket Graph on the Smart Board
Modeling in the computer lab

The second graders were able to follow along on their computer screen, as I guided them through the steps for entering their data into MicroSoft Excel.

The students pointed to the icons on the screen of their computer as I guided the lesson through the presentation software.

Students follow along in the computer lab
Chart Wizard! Enter a Title
format data point
Colorful Columns!
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