The Caterpillar Came to School One Day

This "Techno Book" retells our experience of the metamorphosis of our caterpillar to butterfly. It is modeled after a book called The Meanies Came To School One Day, by Joy Cowley. The children enjoyed writing the words to our story, illustrating with crayon and watercolor, and then putting it all together with technology.

The technologies used to create the book are as follows:

Digital Camera
Smart Board
Microsoft PowerPoint
VHS video editing equipment
Digital Video Camera
PowerBook Mac Computer to create the Quicktime movie

Enjoy our show!

Student artwork: Caterpillar in the cup
drawing the caterpillar watercolor painting the caterpillar
Using the Smart Board to create the PowerPoint show
drawing the caterpillar in the cup We watched and waited!

The students observed the caterpillar in it's cage. They were able to create illustrations based on their observations. This interdisciplinary project was a memorable learning experience.

Student artwork, showing the caterpillar to the class! The chrysalis hangs strong!

These Quicktime movies show the process of creating a Techno Book. The students are helping to create the PowerPoint show with the Smart Board. We used video editing equipment to record our voices to the VHS tape.

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