Friend of the Day Interviews

At the beginning of the school year it is important to build the classroom community. Each day a new friend is selected as our "Friend of the Day". This person is the classroom helper for the day. Each Friend of the Day is interviewed by his/her classmates. We used the computer to help us create a graphic organizer using Inspiration. We've learned about the main idea and organizing our thoughts.

Next we used the ideas from our interview and graphic organizer to create a PowerPoint show about the special "Friend of the Day". This activity modelled how to insert text boxes, format text, create a new page, insert and format digital photos.

We used an LCD projector in our classroom to make this a shared writing experience. In connection with our "Smart Board", the experience became more interactive. Students are able to touch the board to manipulate the programs.

During our media time, we utilized the computer lab with the"Com-Web" to transmit the documents to all student computers.

It is Joseph's turn to be Friend of The Day. We are using the computer lab presentation software to create his web and PowerPoint show. The rest of the class watches on their computer screen, as Jospeh and I present from the teacher station.

Students are working with Inspiration in the computer lab to create a graphic organizer about themselves.

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