Digital Picture Books

The digital camera has become a common technology tool used in my classroom and on field trips. It goes wherever I go!

As I print out photographs to be used in classroom projects, the students are able to reflect on their experiences.

Students are able to use photographs in their journals. The photos help remind students of the experience, and they are encouraged to write about the details of the experience as they are captured in the photo. The photos are meaningful to the students as they are taken right from their world.

One of our favorite projects is to use minature photos to create digital picture books. This makes for a wonderful writing center activity.

The books allow for authentic assessment. As a teacher, I am able to observe the language development as it is transferred into written expression.

Spelling patterns, punctuation, grammar and sentence structure are parts of written expression that I am interested in.

Students retell the life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly as it changes from caterpillar to butterfly.

Student Work

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