Professional Background
I am currently a second grade teacher at Roosevelt Elementary School in Keego Harbor, MI. Roosevelt is one of six elementary schools in the West Bloomfield School District, which is located in Oakland County. This is my seventh year of teaching in West Bloomfield.

In December 1995, I received a Bachleor of Arts Degree from Western Michigan University. My degree focused on the Elementary Group Minors: Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education, Math/Science, English, and Integrated Creative Arts.

In December 1999, I received a Master In The Art of Teaching Degree from Marygrove College. This program sparked within me a strong interest for technology integration. I was introduced to effective methods for presenting curriculum along with motivating students to publish their work.

I consider myself a leader of integrating technology within the elementary content area curriculum. Over the past three years, I have attended a variety of workshops and conferences to expand my understanding of technology. I have developed many integrated units that incoporate technology as a tool for learning and publishing student work. My first and second grade students have stretched the limits as they utlize programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel to present their work.

As a member of the MACUL organization, I have attended and presented at the MACUL technology conferences. Over the past three years, my students have presented their work at five of Student Technology Showcase Events sponsored by MACUL and AT&T.

In 2000, I received a $2000 grant from MACUL to integrate digital photography into my first grade writing curriculum; this inspired many creative projects and I have since gone on to develop award winning multi-media productions with first and second grade students. In 2001 I was honored by the International Reading Association as the Great Lakes Regional Winner for Integrating Technology into Reading Instruction.

In June 2002 my second graders recieved first place in the nation for a video production entitled "Mrs. Wishy Washy Goes to the Zoo". The student publishing contest was sponsored by Time for Kids and the Association of Educational Publishers.

I have served as a mentor for student teacher, Julie Bednark through the University of Michigan Dearborn, fall 2002. We participated in the MITTEN project which is funded by the U.S. Department of Education in conjunction with U of M Dearborn.

Learning Environment
I currently have 22 students of various ethnic and economic background. The group of students is very diverse in terms of academic abilities. Technology allows me to differentiate learning experiences within my classroom. My classroom is equipped 5 PC computers and a Teacher TTI Lap-Top Workstation (laptop, printer/scanner/fax machine). I have a digital camera, flatbed scanner, color printer and 5 zip drives for the students to utilize. My students are introduced to technologies as they relate to the curriculum in meaningful and developmentally appropriate ways.

I have a variety of thrid party software, some of which is loaded on to to the student machines and some is accessed through the Smart Board and my laptop station. West Bloomfield has adopted the Compass Learning Software program, for students to practice and develop math and reading skills. The student computers are networked throughout the school to operate on Windows 95, with Office 97 and immediate access to the Internet through cable lines.

Roosevelt Elementary services approximately 400 students. Enrollment encompasses Head Start, pre-school and a full day kindergarten program through fifth grade. Roosevelt is a Title-One School, based on the number of students qualifying for free and reduced lunches.

Based on the average of my responses when completing the International Society for Technology in Education STAR chart, I was able to determine that Roosevelt is a Mid Tech school. We have a computer lab of 25 PC computers, an ELMO projection device, and a Mobilan Lap-Top unit consisting of 32 Sony Vaio computers. Our media center has several digital cameras and a digital video camera for teachers to utilize with their students.

Through a Pre-Referral Grant Program sponsored by Oakland Schools, our eight lower elementary classrooms have access to 4 Smart Board units. The goal is for students to increase their learning through multisensory interaction with technology.

In addition to our computer technology, we have a District Wide Distance Learning Unit to broadcast Spanish instruction. Students participate in Spanish instruction for 25 minutes, 2 sessions per week.

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